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Agwa de Bolivia

Herbal Liqueur & Alcohol Shot

AGWA de Bolivia has become the ace card for the connoisseur mixologist searching for the ultimate cocktail with a story and or home bartending enthusiast for its versatility and ability to mix well with a wide range of alcohol and mixers. AGWA has reinvented the cocktail and long drink handbook with its ability to mix simply with tonic, bitter lemon or lemonade or in creating high definition mojitos and margaritas. While also developing an extraordinary cult following largely down to the globally recognised ritual of the AGWA bomb.

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An herbal alcohol, AGWA de Bolivia is made with Bolivian coca leaves and numerous natural herbs and botanicals, including ginseng and green tea. While the coca leaves are devoid of cocaine, AGWA de Bolivia still offers energy, especially in the form of the AGWA Bomb, which is a can of Red Bull mixed with AGWA de Bolivia. There are even specialized glasses allowing one to shoot AGWA de Bolivia and chase it with Red Bull in one fell swoop.

Despite its flexibility and diversity in mixed cocktails, the herbal liqueur is also served as alcoholic shots. The specialized glasses for the AGWA Bomb can be used to couple AGWA de Bolivia with any chaser. Shooters pour the green-colored herbal alcohol over multiple-colored mixers for rainbow layer AGWA shots. The sweet herbal liqueur has been described as “delicious,” which may explain its popularity in alcoholic shots, as well as in cocktails.