How to find the best coca leaf liqueur-

Mankind has been cultivating and using coca from millennia. From a long time, the coca leaves were chewed for creating a mild buzz, fighting off the altitude sickness and even brewing the narcotic beverages.

The modern time has seen these leaves being used smartly as coca leaf liqueur. Agwa de Bolivia is the liqueur that is made from the coca leaf that before being mixed, distilled as well as bottled gets stripped of the psychoactive cocaine compounds. If you are looking for the best coca leaf liqueur then Agwa De Bolivia is the choice to make. If you have been wondering about the properties that you must analyze for making the right choice, then below are the properties you must take into consideration.

1.   It is gently sweet one that has herbal as well as grassy flavour (heavy) and a citrus aftertaste (lemony).

2.   It produces few odd effects as within the coca leaf online cocaine gets removed. It offers the strange numbing sensation at the back of the mouth and with surprisingly less amount it provides the energetic buzz.

Coca leaves provide multifold benefits to the consumer. Below are some benefits that these leaves provide-

a)   Energy boost- Coca provides a long-lasting boost of energy. The usage of Coca can be tracked before industrialization where the workers used to work long days of extremely hard labour was the norm. The consistent energy boost of Coca allowed the workers towards going harder and working for longer.

b)  Reduction of appetite- Coca can make the hunger pangs go away and this is of utmost necessity for the underprivileged workers who do not have the time or money for eating meals. Coca lets them get on the job without getting constantly distracted by an empty stomach. It can be used as dietary assistance for discouraging the obese from overeating.

c)   Works as Pain killer- Consumption of the coca leaves could create a numbing effect on both pain as well as discomfort.

d)  Works for altitude sickness- These leaves are fantastic at reducing unwanted symptoms of the altitude sickness including headache, appetite loss, insomnia and much more.

e)   Source for nutrients- The coca leaf has nutritional properties and it has got enough essential minerals, stacks of vitamins and necessary nutrients as well.

It is also an upset stomach remedy. These leaves liqueur bring in the listed benefits and if you are looking for a genuine coca leaf liqueur then you can turn to us. We are only genuine liqueur which bears the necessary characteristics.

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