Herbal Liqueurs: Past, Present, & Sweet Future

Herbal liqueurs

Herbal Liqueurs Today: Past, Present, & Sweet Future While the words liqueur and liquor may look similar and sound similar, the similarities end in that they both contain alcohol. They are two very different types of spirits. In preparation of liquors, the distillation and fermentation process keeps the ABV (alcohol by volume) at least 20%, […]

Homemade Cocktails

Homemade Cocktails

Homemade cocktails. Everything you need to make homemade cocktails Your home bar checklist and cocktail tool kit. If you’ve always wanted to mix up a cocktail from the corner of your living room like they do in the swanky movies from the fifties and sixties, you can turn your personal mixology lab into a reality […]

Coca Leaf Cocktails. Unique cocktails that taste delicious

Agwa De Bolivia is considered to be the world’s finest herbal liqueur. It is made from the Bolivian Coca leaves which are all hand-picked and 100% pure. Other natural herbs and botanicals like ginseng, green tea, guarana, and other 33 different botanicals are used along with the Bolivian Coca leaves to make this top-notch herbal […]

How to find the best coca leaf liqueur-

Mankind has been cultivating and using coca from millennia. From a long time, the coca leaves were chewed for creating a mild buzz, fighting off the altitude sickness and even brewing the narcotic beverages. The modern time has seen these leaves being used smartly as coca leaf liqueur. Agwa de Bolivia is the liqueur that […]

Why people prefer homemade cocktails

Cocktails are drinks that are prepared by mixing two or more types of alcoholic drinks, added with some flavors. The vast variety of these drinks are mostly associated with parties. The good times are spent mostly at night at bars and pubs with friends and close ones. These cocktails are mostly peppy drinks that have […]

Everything you want to know about the coca leaf –

When some individuals hear the word ‘Coca’ then the dangerous street drug cocaine is imagined by them. In reality, the Coca leaves belong to the multipurpose medicinal plant that was used indigenously. Later its usage as an illegal drug was conceived and implemented. Let us in this article know everything you want to know about the Coca […]

A Brief History of the Cocktail Featuring Famous Cocktails

With the current mixology trends all the rage across the drinking public, one may wonder how did we discover the cocktail? Was it an accident – or could it have been intentional…? By the very nature of consuming alcohol, we may never know the true history of the cocktail, but from what we know, here […]

Herbal Liqueur, Anyone? The Coca Leaf’s Central Role in Modern-Day Digestifs

Very popular these days, herbal liqueurs can trace their origins to medicinal use. When the home herbalist and farmer create uniquely tonic and vibrant combinations from fresh ingredients, the beauty of the liqueur presents itself. Among the wide range of liqueur varieties, the coca leaf liqueur rises to the top of trending digestifs. Coca leaf […]

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