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Agwa De Bolivia is considered to be the world’s finest herbal liqueur. It is made from the Bolivian Coca leaves which are all hand-picked and 100% pure. Other natural herbs and botanicals like ginseng, green tea, guarana, and other 33 different botanicals are used along with the Bolivian Coca leaves to make this top-notch herbal liqueur. It also uses as a great ingredient for trendy cocktails. 

This isn’t cocaine, it’s just a delicious green brew making its way to the top bars and liqueur stores. It’s a non-toxic drink which is surprisingly energizing too. It is said to increase sexual potency in men. Well, this is not scientifically proven or claimed by anybody. It’s just what people experience after drinking it. 

Drinking one or two shots of Agwa De Bolivia is not going to get you high, but over-drinking can actually get you high. Its 60-proof alcohol. 

  • Best way to enjoy the AGWA liqueur:

It is renowned as the only coca liqueur that can be found all across the globe. You can either drink it as a frozen shot or you can mix it with any of your favorite cocktails. So, it’s up to you, how you want to drink it. You can drink it straight or can use it as a cocktail ingredient. Agwa Cucumber Mojito, Agwa Fresca, Jacked Up, etc. are some of the famous cocktails in which Agwa De Bolivia is used as an ingredient. Frankly speaking, it’s not going to be the tastiest brew if you drink it straight but gives an amazing taste when mixing with other drinks. 

Top 5 all-time favorite frozen shots made of AGWA

  • Agwa Mojito

It’s a fancy cocktail made using a tasty Agwa liqueur. 

The green color of AGWA makes work great in mojitos. 

To make a perfect shot of Agwa Mojito you need:

Agwa, Sugar syrup, soda water, lime wedges, mint leaves, crushed ice, and brown sugar. 

Take some mint leaves and crush them in the bottom of the glass so that all the mint oils can release easily. Squeeze half a lime wedge and pour this lime juice into the glass. Add some sugar syrup, brown sugar along with Agwa and stir together. Pour some soda water in it. At last, garnish your drink with a lime slice and some mint leaves. 

  • Agwa Sonic

To make this amazing drink at home, you need AGWA, tonic water, lime, ice, and a large bomb glass. It tastes really good. 

  • Agwa Tonic

Ingredients needed to make Agwa Tonic are 1/2oz AGWA, 1oz Botanical Gin, Tonic water, and Ice. 

  • Agwa Fruit bombs

To make the Agwa Fruit bomb, you need fruits of your choice, AGWA, and energy drink, both in equal parts. It’s a great cocktail which got some crazy tastes too, but it’s always fun to try it out. 

  • Grapefruit Mojito

Nothing can make AGWA taste better than grapefruit juice. It adds a sunshine tang to the AGWA liqueur. To prepare this amazing drink, you need AGWA, sugar syrup, soda water, brown sugar, crushed ice, lime, mint leaves, and 25ml of fresh grapefruit juice.

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